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Clare Plueckhahn, Photographer

Georgia chat's with Clare on photography, surfing and a cat lovers life below:

G: What inspired you to become a photographer?
C: I was first inspired to be a photographer at 15, when I used to take a Pentax K1000 on adventures with my friends. We often took days off school in the name of art, heading into the city to explore. We thought we were being rebellious but we were really just arty geeks that didn’t like being confined to the classroom!

G: You make up one half of directing team ‘Cos We Can’, how did this come about?
C: Fran and I were working together at a studio as a producer and photographer team for only a few weeks before we decided to collaborate on a girls surfing documentary. It was on this 18-month adventure that we realised we loved working together, and that two creative minds are always better than one!

G: Can you tell us about a favourite project?
C: One that comes to mind would be the “My Bikini” campaign videos Cos We Can produced for Rip Curl. Even two years on, creatively it is probably still one of my favorite projects. It was also a bonus we shot on location in Fiji and I got to work with some of my favourite professional surfers, including Nikki Van Dijk.

G: You’re a keen surfer, how do you divide your time between city life and beach life?
C: Being a surfer and land locked in Collingwood is sometimes a bit of a mental battle. I get my water fix swimming laps at the Fitzroy pool, heading to our beach house in Aireys Inlet when I can - and breaking up work life with the odd surf adventure. Being a freelancer helps, but often as soon as you book a trip somewhere, a dream job pops up.

G: Does Louis join you during your trips to the coast?
C: Louis surprisingly loves a car trip. He has is paws on the dash watching everything go by before he finally falls asleep on my lap. I think he loves the beach house so much because of the fireplace, and the native bird watching he does through the window.

G: Any Melbourne adventures you two have been on?
C: Last week my boyfriend Jesse and I were heading to Allpress for our morning coffee when we realised Louis was following us. Once we got to the cafe he sat outside with the other dogs, but then came inside to meet the staff. Everyone was so happy to have a visit from a cat. I truly believe Louis thinks he’s a dog!

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