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Georgia M.

Desert, snow, city, country and coast. Originally a Sydney girl, Georgia Macmillan is a Hobes fan from way back. Her Hobes have taken her around the world and now reside with her in her new city - Dubai. 

What bought you to Dubai and when?
My husband works for a global investment firm and over from the Sydney to Dubai office in November 2013. It was a big decision to uproot our little family from life in Sydney's Surry Hills but we don't have any regrets.

What is the best thing about living in Dubai?
The clash of cultures, the melting pot, the extreme diversity.

What is the quintessential Dubai experience?
We love nothing more than packing a picnic and driving out to the desert for sunset drinks. Its hard to beat- escaping the city, sitting around the bonfire, enjoying silence, the stars, the dunes and immense space. I find it very moving.

Where have your Hobes taken you?
To the desert, snow, city, country side and coast. On a volcanic trek in Sicily (I don't do hiking boots) to shopping expeditions in Sydney, Dubai, Paris, Rome and New York.

Why do Hobes suit your lifestyle?
They're light, versatile and cool, put a smile on my face and a skip in my step.

Who's on your design radar?
After a recent stay I was inspired by Italian designer Ilaria Miani and her husband, renowned restorer, Giorgio Miani's work on the achingly beautiful Hotel Monteverdi in Tuscany's Val d'Orca.

Sum up Dubai in one word.