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Emilie Restevski

A few words and images from our great friend and talented photographer. With an incredible knack for capturing the true essence of Australia, Emilie's work beautifully communicates the stories of our raw and rugged country. @helloemilie

I am currently working on- Lots of photographic and styling projects, as well as planning many different travel projects which are coming up soon! My favourite time of year is- Four times a year, just before the start of every new season- when there is an unexplainable feeling in the air and everything in the natural world is about to change. Where I'm travelling to next- My next travel adventure is currently in the works and I sort of can't say where right at this moment, but think snow capped mountains and glaciers! My favourite pair of Hobes are- The Sparkler Hobe in Classic Gold at the moment. Its a pretty great feeling putting something super shiny on your feet, you cannot help buy smile... they also somehow magically seem to go with nearly everything that I wear. What inspires me- Nostalgia and my never-ending search to document and capture beautiful moments and untold stories through my imagery. On Sundays I- Ideally drink endless amounts of tea and aimlessly explore with a camera in my hand.