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Mark Clinton

From Ireland to Finland, New Zealand and back home to Australia, travel photographer Mark Clinton's work takes him around the world, doing what he does best. And all Hobes clad too, of course.

I am currently working on-
A catalogue shoot in Byron Bay fro O'Neill. No shortage of sun and board shorts here!

My favourite beach is-
Curl Curl on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. It tends to be uncrowded (Sydney terms) and isn't as built up as the surrounding stretches of sand.

My travel essentials are-
My noise cancelling headphones, my neck pillow, sleeping tablets and an updated spottily playlist.

Where I'm travelling to next-
I have a shoot next week in the Northern Territory shooting lifestyle images for a client. Perfect time to escape the dropping temperatures in Sydney.

Today I am-
Finishing up here in Byron Bay then flying home. Although only a short flight it gives me enough tie to catch up on work/ finish re-watching Entourage. Ha!

Tomorrow I will-
Sitting in front of a screen completing all the backend of my recent work, trying to free up some time to go on a quick road trip next week chasing a swell.

What inspires me-
Friends, family and an even balance between home and travel.

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