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Marleigh Culver

Late last year we were introduced to the truly gorgeous, talented and super sweet Marleigh Culver. With a dream career path starting out as a production assistant and junior graphic designer, Marleigh quickly moved up in the ranks working for Y&R, Grow Interactive, and now has an enviable position in Design & Social Media at one of our favourite online retailers, Need Supply, in Richmond, VA. Marleigh also works on freelance projects, paints, and to top it off manages the cutest a blog, Cheerleader, providing another outlet for her interest in art and design. 

Such a creative girl, with a really unique and fun sense of style - we loved seeing Marleigh captured at some of her favourite local spots in our Silver Hobes.

More on Marleigh here:

All images courtesy of @etheandoesthings

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