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Nicole Najafi

NIcole Najafi

A great friend of Hobes, and most definitely one of the most stylish ladies in town, last Saturday we hung out with Nicole Najafi, owner and founder of New York denim label Industry Standard. While we took a perch in her perfectly french apartment in the East Village Nicole told us all about life in the denim game.

So first things first, the whole french vibe is absolutely legit ladies, Nicole lived and worked in Paris at YSL and Lanvin (excuse me while I just crush my resume jealousy here!) fresh out of college. Arriving back in New York, Nicole took on a role in Balenciaga’s e-commerce division. With experience at some of the worlds most coveted brands under her belt, and persuing the endless search for the perfect pair of jeans at the right price, Nicole decided to just, well, make them herself. So friends, this is how Industry Standard was born. Keeping the line small, focusing on quality and fit, and designing in NY + producing in quite possibly the coolest denim factory in the world (in LA), it's no doubt Nicole has the most sought after denim brand in New York right now.

Nicole’s showroom and the studio for Industry Standard is her apartment, creating the most cosy space with stacks of perfect looking denim in soft shades of blue alongside an enviable collection of art and design books. As a long time Wooly Hobes fan, we loved visiting Nicole at home and seeing her classically chic style of crisp jeans and a soft, oversized jumper teamed with our Dove Wooly Hobes - perfect for a winter weekend in the city.

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