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Christine Lafian, SUKU Home

SUKU Home represents a place of tranquility, a place where you can go to to escape and dream. We chat to bedding and sleepwear designer Christine Lafian about her zen lifestyle and the inspiration behind her beautiful label, SUKU.

Describe a typical day in the life of Christine Lafian.
My day normally starts with my dog jumping into the bed to wake me up. I used to be an 'up and go' kind of person but since early last year, I've allowed at least an hour in my morning to really plan my day. If it's a week day, I will be in the store an hour before the store opens, again, just so I can catch up with emails and online orders. My work place is very zen, and I'm lucky enough to have surrounded myself with such inspiring women. Going to work is something I look forward to everyday, because I get to create and hang out with my friends. After work, I'll catch up with friends for dinner, or put my feet up at home with my partner and dog, Manja. I cap my day off by reading a book or an interesting article saved from my Facebook feed.

How did SUKU come about and why?
The whole process was very organic; I had an idea, but I didn't force it to happen over night. The idea to have my own brand and to marry it with a calm lifestyle was always there but it took time and the right people to act as the catalyst to bring it to life. Good things take time.

What inspires each collection?
My experiences and things I am familiar with... at least for now. All the prints and shapes of my collections are very relatable to me, and the final process also includes me asking myself if I'd wear something like that. 

You were born in Indonesia, how often do you travel back there?
At least once or twice a year. I love Indonesia and can see myself going back to live there eventually, but for now, Melbourne is my home sweet home where all the majority of my loved ones are. Until then, I'll try to go back as often as I can. 

Where is your favourite place to go in Melbourne?
I live in the north and work in the city, so I spend most of my time in between these places. I guess if I had to choose just ‪one favourite place in Melbourne, it would be No Order Market, my second home. 

Five things you couldn’t live without?
Manja, my phone, and coffee. I can't think of the other two as I can easily detach.

What exciting things can we expect from SUKU this year?
More growth! Expect to see more of us, chilling in bed with our pj’s on :-) | @sukuhome

Christine wears The Point Hobe in White

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