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CJ Hendry

Armed with only pen and a paper, Australian born and NY based artist CJ Hendry has blown us away with her large scale, highly detailed pieces of work. 


CJ Hendry



Favourite thing you’ve ever drawn?
10 foot tall Snake Skin boxing gloves

Favourite artist?
It changes all the time, but I’m very inspired by Kaws, Robert Longo, and Bansky.  All for different reasons.


Favorite time of the day?
Midnight, because everyone’s a sleep and its nice to work in silence


What are you currently reading?
I don’t read, I listen to audio books.


What are you currently listening to?
Audio books and podcasts (Harry Potter)


What are you currently watching?
Myself scribble on a page


Dream holiday destination?
Monaco in a yacht

Images via The Cool Hunter
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