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Henry Hargreaves, Photographer

We chat to professional food photographer Henry Hargreaves about New Zealand, travel essentials and @coffeecupsoftheworld.

 Describe a typical day in the life of Henry Hargreaves.
I try not to keep typical or I become unproductive. The route I take to my studio, the food and the music I always try to mix up from the day before. A pot of coffee is my consistent ritual as soon as I get in.

Would you say you have a “signature” style or “uniform”?
I wear lots of stripes. 

What do you miss most about your hometown in New Zealand? Do you make it back often?
I go back every year. I miss the obvious, family and friends, but also relatively balanced journalism and produce that tastes they way it should.

You’re a super talented photographer. What do you try and communicate with your imagery?
I just hope people see something in a new way, that our expectations of something can be subverted. 

Okay we’re big fans of @coffeecupsoftheworld. What’s your #1 recommendation for coffee for anyone who’s visiting NYC?
Bakeri in Williamsburg, they have the best nibbles to accompany your brew! 

What personal project are you most excited about right now?
There’s about to be a Coffee Cups of the World pop up! I'm also working on a project about Staff Meals, it's not for everyone but it certainly keeps me entertained! 

Where to next and what are three things you’ll throw in your travel bag?
I have two really convenient weddings in the next 10 days... Nice, France and Big Sur CA. The bag will be full as each has totally different dress codes but the dinner suit and the bathers will be in there along with some stripes!

Words to live by?
Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.


Henry wears The Men's Hobe in Black.

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