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Margot + Camille, Manufacture Pascal

Meet the French sisters behind Manufacture Pascal - Margot (in Rose) and Camille (in Cyan). One of our favourite leather brands producing classic and refined bags in the garment district of NYC.

Whilst the girls have defined what the Manufacture Pascal label is today, the brand name dates back to France in 1854, when their great, great grandfather founded 'Manufacture Pascal' as a textiles and belt company.

Fast forward to 2015 and the sisters re-launched the family brand in New York. Both girls live and work in Williamsburg, each with a crew of small humans to juggle (and one on the way for Camille very soon!) whilst running a small label. We met the girls last year and immediately clicked with them. Not only the funniest and sweetest people, but with a very similar ethos behind their brand to Hobes, with the idea to develop simply styled, classically shaped timeless products, in seasonal shades and leathers.

Earlier this month, we spent a Sunday with the sisters, their new collection, and our new Boat Hobe shades - Rose & Cyan. We feel pretty confident in saying this is most definitely a match made in heaven. For more on Manufacture Pascal - visit: | @manufacturepascal

Margot and Camille wear The Boat Hobes in Rose and Cyan

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