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Matt 'Dickie' Dickinson, Maderas Village

Founding partner and resident of Maderas Village, #hobesguy Matt ‘Dickie’ Dickinson talks to us about his hotel in Nicaragua, travel and NYC.

What is a typical day like in the life of the Maderas Dickie?
It really differs day by day, but I generally get up between 8.30 - 9am, check emails and read some news from bed until around 10am at which point I hit the lobby for some breakfast and to say good morning to guests. Between 10 - 11 I’ll usually spend an hour in the lobby speaking with people over breakfast, catching up with the operations team, and setting up the rest of my day. From 11 - 12 I try to clear out all of my emails so that I can focus on a few core projects between 1 - 4. At 4pm I’ll usually go down for some lunch, catch-up on emails, and decide whether I want to surf at sunset, or work through until dinner. At 7pm I’ll head down to the lobby for a couple of cocktails, eat dinner around 8pm, and then hang in our garden until the conversation stops. I find this balanced approach gives me sufficient time to work on goals and projects that really matter to me and the continued development of Maderas, while enabling me to keep a calm and relaxed attitude (critical when you live in a hotel). 

You’re in between Nicaragua, Toronto, LA and New York. What are a couple of things you never leave the Village without?
I tend to travel light (partially because I refuse to use roller-luggage), so I like to have a collection of uniform items that I can dress up or down. Unless it’s summer I always travel with a blazer. I have a great wool blazer from 18 Waits that’s stylish, travels well, and keeps me warm. I like to pair that with my Maderas scarf/blanket which in addition to adding a great look to anything I wear, doubles as a neck pillow when I knot it around my neck. Finally, I always carry my journal with me. I love to write and there’s no better environment than while flying above the clouds. Put a glass of wine in my hand and some good tunes in my ears and I can spend hours scratching away at thoughts.

What’s your second favorite hotel to stay at (assuming Maderas is your first)?
The Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn. I’m always surrounded by friends there, even if I've just met them, which makes it feel less like a hotel and more like a second home.

What’s your favorite part about traveling?
Fresh perspective & inspiration.

Do you have a NYC-routine? If so, what’s involved?
I like to take the red-eye that gets me into LGA at 10.15am. I go straight from there to Blind Barber in Greenpoint, get breakfast, a coffee, a beard trim, and set out what my next few days looks like. I like working out of Ludlow House, try to keep the locations of my meetings to between Canal & 14th St, and spend 10-12 hours/day in meetings pursuing new ideas or manifesting existing ones. I try to keep Fridays and Saturdays low-key so I can spend Saturdays and Sundays walking the streets, writing in cafes, and just generally absorbing the creative spirit of NYC. 

After a week, or month, away from the Village what do you most look forward to when you get back?
Not leaving the property. When I’m here, everyone I want to be around comes to me. It’s great. With the exception of surfing, Friday night Pizza, and Taco Tuesday, there’s really no reason I ever have to leave. I can just focus on whatever ideas I’m working on with clarity and minimal distraction. 

What’s a men’s brand you’ve been into lately (besides Hobes of course…)?
I love 18 Waits, Sabah Shoes, and Jack Threads. All these brands create a great base uniform that allows me to think as little as possible about what I’m putting on each day as it all looks good and works in every environment. 

Words to live by?
Wake up everyday and do what you love. 


Dickie wears The Men's Hobe in Navy.

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