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Maz McWilliams, Creative Director

Creative Director and #hobesguy Maz McWilliams is a man of many trades. As a creative entrepreneur, his work spans across marketing, design, project management - and he also is dedicated to raising awareness for several charities.

Maz previously launched the @melonaday campaign, in an effort to raise awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) through art. He is currently working with Parley ( on their “The Parley Air Pledge” movement which addresses major threats towards our oceans by tapping into the power of creative industries. 

You can find more on Maz over at @mazatlanmazatlan, where he specializes in visual storytelling, brand identity, and photography. Some snaps from our day in NYC with Maz below.

Maz wears the Men's Hobe in Tan

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