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Quincy Moore, Founder of Knowlita

Up next is #hobesguy Quincy Moore, founder of NYC based label @knowlita. We chat to Quincy about work, travel and life in NYC.

As a guy living in NYC, what do you look for in a shoe? 
I generally go for classic, monochromatic, comfortable shoes that allow me to swerve from day to night without missing a beat.

How do Hobes fit into your daily routine?
Hobes pair well with almost everything so they make my choice of which shoes to wear that much easier. As someone constantly on the go, that makes a huge difference in my day, as time is everything.


Describe a typical day in the life of Quincy Moore. 
Working for myself, my days tend to be pretty crazy and diverse, so let's go with yesterday as a general example:  Woke up early; coffee; took a little ride around the neighborhood on the bike our friends at Tribe hooked us up with; team came into our studio for some meetings; lunch Wild Ginger on Broome; dessert at ChaCha Matcha across the street. (The soft serve, tho.) During the afternoon we were in Brooklyn at our screen-printers, picking up all the product for our collaboration with Saks (you heard it here first); drinks with friends in the early evening; and then dinner with my Mom, who's visiting, at Sweetgreen to end the day.

You built an entire brand around the concept of New York? Why “Knowlita”? 
Knowlita has always been a bit of a love letter to New York. I moved here a transplant just like most of us, and wanted to design my life around downtown NYC. I became enamored with this area: the people, the places, the vibe. Knowlita celebrates that, and has evolved a bit to champion not only the city we call home, but other places we love as well. The name "Knowlita" is a play on "Nolita," which stands for North of Little Italy; everybody down here prides themselves on being "in the know," so we paired the words et voila


What are your favorite spots in the neighborhood? (food, coffee, etc) 
Coffee = Maman
Breakfast =The Smile
Lunch = Ruby's
Drinks = Rintintin
Dinner = Lovely Day
Shop = J'Adore Clic


Where do you think you get your entrepreneurial spirit?
My entrepreneurial spirit is definitely genetic, passed down from my Grandfather, who hustled on the same streets that I do now. He came over from Europe around 1950, and ended up on the LES selling women's stockings from a pushcart on Delancey & Orchard, before opening a clothing store in Queens, which he operated for 40 years. My dad has it too, being a potter and restaurateur for many years, and so I'm really just following in their footsteps, carrying forward a legacy in our family that working for yourself and doing what you love is ultimately the path to fulfillment.


If you had two weeks off from the everyday grind, what would be your travel destination of choice?
First week in Italy; second week in Greece.

But in all reality… a staycation seems more doable. Where would you spend an NYC “getaway”?
It's not really a "getaway" per-se, but likely at my apartment, and bouncing around the neighborhood, with as many friends as possible.


If you had an NYC survival kit, what would it include?
My Head and My Heart.

Words to live by?
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Emerson

Quincy wears The Men's Hobe in Charcoal.



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