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Sara Berman's Closet

The closet of Sara Berman, an art installation rich with history, currently on exhibition in The Met, NYC. Carefully curated by her daughter Maira and grandson Alex Kalman, the closet tells the story of Berman’s life between the years of 1982 – 2004.

An immigrant travelling from Belarus to Palestine and eventually onto New York city, Berman treasured her possessions. All in varying shades of white, ivory and cream - when neatly arranged, form to become a minimal yet stylish closet. And in turn representing the life of Berman herself, a woman of limited means, who kept her life simple and elegant with a clean pallet and basics approach to style. 

The exhibition runs until September 5th and is a fitting reminder of how little we all really need. So if you're in NYC, take the time, and go take a look.

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