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Sean W Spellman, Artist and Musician

Our latest #hobesguy Sean W Spellman chats to us about life on the road, painting and his upcoming art shows.

Describe a typical day in the life of Sean W Spellman.
I have an extremely inconsistent sleep schedule and constant flexibility in my daily routine. My days are typically pretty open-ended to be as productive or as free as I like. Either that, or I'm on tour with the band.

You’re a very talented painter/illustrator. What do you try and communicate through your art?
Thanks. I want to make beautiful things with the least amount of effort as possible.

What personal project are you most excited about right now?
I have several really cool commissions right now. One is a large sculpture and the other is some ceramics stuff. I'm excited to spend some time with them.

You have road tripped across the country dozens of times now, what inspires you about life on the road?
I'm interested in how differently people talk and cook and sing and communicate in ways that I'm not familiar with, and I love the way the smell of the trees and the strength of the sun in different parts of the world makes you feel.

You’re also quite the musician, does music influence your work?
Thanks again. Yes, music and visual art go hand in hand, I imagine with most people its the, art, performance, writing, are all extensions of themselves and one keeps you up when the other is down, at least for me.  When I've got writer's block, I'll make paintings. When my hand is shaking I'll write songs. 

Where to next and what three things will you throw in your travel bag?
I have three art shows in December; in SF, Boulder Creek, CA, and Malibu. I'm going to try to travel lightly but will for sure have a jar of turmeric, some blank postcards, and hopefully some fresh avocados. 

Words to live by? 
It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry.


Don't miss Sean's upcoming art shows!

San Francisco at @legion_shop on view now- Jan 20
Boulder Creek, CA at @lilleaeske opening Dec 8 (on view til Jan 15)
Malibu, CA at @sefarioutpost opening Dec 17 | @seanwspellman

Sean wears The Men's Hobe in Tan.

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