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Loyalty Club FAQ 

How do I join?
If you already have a Hobes account, then you are automatically enrolled! Just log in and navigate to the loyalty page. To sign up, click here.

How do I earn points?
You can earn points by making a purchase, creating an account, signing up to our newsletter, following @thehobe, having a birthday and referring friends. Each time you complete an action, points will be added to your account.

How do I check my point balance?
Sign up, or log into your account and navigate to the loyalty page. Your point balance will be listed at the top of the page.

How do I exchange my points for Hobes vouchers?
Log in and navigate to the ‘rewards’ section on the loyalty page. If you have enough points, you can select a reward, unlocking a discount code to use at checkout.

Can I use multiple discounts at once?
You can only use one discount code per order.

What does ‘lifetime spend’ mean?
This is the amount you have spent at to date.

Will my past purchases count towards my lifetime spend?
Yes! All your past, un-returned purchases count towards your lifetime spend. After logging in or signing up, you will be allocated to a tier (One, Two or Three) based on your lifetime spend. If you feel you have been allocated to the incorrect tier, please get in touch at

What do the 'approved', 'pending' and 'cancelled point statuses mean?
Approved: These are your available points.
Pending: These points apply to purchases and friend referrals, and will be approved after 30 days.
Cancelled: Your purchase points will be cancelled if you, or a friend you referred, returns or cancels an order.

How do I refer a friend?
Navigate to the 'Refer friends' section on our loyalty page and click 'complete'. This will unlock a unique code for you to share with your friends.

I completed an activity but did not earn any points?
Please allow a few minutes for your balance to update. Purchase and friend referral points will be approved after 30 days.

Why did my point balance go down?
You, or a friend you referred cancelled or returned an order.

How do I leave the Loyalty Club?
Please email us at and we will remove you from the program.


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